Conlon Capital Biographies:

Rushi Shah: Principal & CEO, Conlon Capital

Tom Reckley: Principal & COO, Conlon Capital

Neil Freeman: Principal, Conlon Capital | Founder, Aries Capital

Michael Taylor, Senior Vice President, Conlon Capital

Leonard Smith: Senior Vice President, Conlon Capital

Kristin Tavas: Senior Vice President, Conlon Capital

Heather Madsen: Senior Vice President, Conlon Capital

Prabhat Jayara: Associate Vice President, Conlon Capital

Brandon Perdeck: Senior Associate, Conlon Capital

Suraj Desai: Associate, Conlon Capital

Shnesa Wiggins: Marketing Coordinator, Conlon Capital

Conlon & Co Biographies:

Sean Conlon: Principal, Conlon Capital | Chairman, Conlon & Co

Benjamin “Benjie” Burford: Principal, Conlon Capital | Chief Executive Officer, Conlon & Co


Additional Biographies:

Andrea Riegsecker: Executive Vice President, Aries Capital

Christina Vasquez: Vice President, Aries Capital

David Kaufman: CCIM, Aries Capital

Speaking & Editorial Requests:

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