Aries Capital Launches Joint Venture with Frontline Real Estate Partners & Four Corners Advisors

June 05, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Neil Freeman and Aries Capital have partnered with Joshua Joseph and Matthew Tarshis of Frontline Real Estate Partners and Michael Shindler of Four Corners Advisors to launch a new joint venture, Frontline Real Estate Partners: Hospitality Division.

What We Offer:

The new joint venture offers a beginning-to-end hotel receivership platform for financial institutions, banks, special receivers and debt fund servicers throughout the United States, Caribbean and Canada and is in response to the unprecedented need for financing and receivership analysis, as well as expert guidance on how to best generate maximum recovery for lien holders in today’s crippled hospitality market.

Together our principals can provide comprehensive and strategic a la carte services from initial evaluations through the conclusion of the potential foreclosure process aimed at hotel, luxury resort and gaming resort properties valued at $5 million to over $100 million.

While Frontline Real Estate Partners: Hospitality Division services are targeted to lenders, we can also offer services to borrowers to find strategic partners, rescue capital or creative financing to assist in their workout negotiations with lenders.

Scope of Services:

• Competitive marketplace analysis
• Broker valuations
• Financing services
• Receivership management
• Note sales
• Expert testimony
• Brokerage services
• Disposition services

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© Aries Capital, LLC 2022